About Us

Since the World Summit on the Information Society, discussions on Internet Governance have involved different stakeholder communities including the Internet technical community.

The Internet Technical Collaboration Group (ITCG) brings together the technical and policy expertise of individuals and organizations involved in the technical evolution and administration of specific Internet resources in a decentralized network approach to policy formulation for the Internet.

The ITCG includes people engaged in the technical organizations involved in developing, deploying, and operating aspects of the Internet architecture including operators, technology developers, and Internet ecosystem actors (e.g. IETF, ICANN, Internet Society, RIRs, ccTLDs, IXPs, etc.), as well as persons contributing in their individual capacity through technical research, the development of Internet standards, and other relevant technical involvement, experience, and contributions, or who contribute actively in support of those efforts.

This group is dedicated to sharing information within the technical community, and ensuring effective and appropriate technical representation in the formulation and implementation of multi-stakeholder Internet governance. Its technical contributors cooperate and coordinate to facilitate constructive contributions to Internet governance fora such as national and international Internet governance meetings.