IGF Retreat 2016

Following the announcement by the United Nations of a “Retreat on Advancing the 10-Year Mandate of the Internet Governance Forum”, the IGF Secretariat issued a call for nominations from all stakeholder communities for participants and nominees.

Each stakeholder community has been reserved in total 5 seats: seat 1-2 through selection by the respective community; seat 3 to be selected by and among the stakeholder community’s current MAG members, and seat 4-5 to be selected by the UN based on nominations from the stakeholder community.

In response to the Secretariat’s call, the following names has been put forward by the ITCG:

Seats 1 and 2 (selection by ITCG)
John C Klensin
Constance Bommelaer

Seat 3 (selection made by current MAG members)
Peter Dengate Thrush

Seats 4 and 5 (nominated by ITCG, final selection by UN)
Alejandro Pisanty
Chris Disspain
Karen McCabe
Michael Nelson