Nominations to the IGF MAG 2017

The Internet Technical Collaboration Group nominations committee (NOMCOM) is pleased to put forward the following slate of new candidates for consideration by the United Nations as representatives to the 2017 Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG):

  • Rajesh Chharia, India
  • Jennifer Chung, Hong Kong
  • Raquel Gatto, Brazil
  • Anne-Rachel Inne, Niger
  • Karen McCabe, USA
  • Greg Shannon, USA

In addition to these new candidates, we would like to endorse the continuing participation of the following individuals, which the Internet Technical Collaboration Group endorsed when they joined the MAG:

  • Sumon Ahmed Sabir of Bangladesh
  • Laura Hutchison of the United Kingdom
  • German Valdez of Australia
  • Flavio Wagner of Brazil

A justification for each individual has been filed online with the UN.

The NOMCOM convened shortly after the call for MAG candidates was issued, and worked through the months of November and December. A call for applications was issued on 29 November, 2016. Applications from twenty-three people were received, and then considered. In addition, the NOMCOM solicited for confirmation, and received response from current members of the MAG nominated by the Internet Technical Collaboration Group and that wished to be renewed. In making our selection, the NOMCOM took into account the individuals’ abilities and accomplishments, as well as both gender and regional diversity.

The NOMCOM would like to thank all applicants for their applications and willingness to devote time to this important process.

The members of the Internet Technical Collaboration Group NOMCOM for 2017 were:

  • Michael R. Nelson
  • Scott Mansfield
  • Nigel Hickson
  • Chris Disspain
  • Adiel Akplogan
  • Pablo Hinojosa
  • Alejandro Pisanty
    • Administrative Support: Carl Gahnberg (ISOC)